Debit / Credit Card – After Hours Decline Line

To better assist our Debit and Credit Card holders, Metro now offers an after-hour decline line to call on the weekends, holidays, or anytime before 8:00am or after 5:00pm.

The number’s below are specifically for when your card has been “declined.”

After Hours Decline Line

888.526.0404 in the US

206.352.4954  outside of the US


Please call 417.869.9654 during normal business hours.

Those with access to TOCHECK (417.862.4325) may use this # to call for activating and blocking cards, checking balances, or making payments.


M-F ; 8am – 5pm   


TOCHECK – 417.862.4325


After Hours

TOCHECK – 417.862.4325

Lost/Stolen – 800.682.6075

Decline Line (US) – 888.526.0404

Decline Line (Outside US) – 206.352.4954