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Fraud & Disputes

Information on Fraud

Fraud Prevention

Metro takes many steps to reduce fraud that arises from card usage.  Sometimes people feel that if their card has been compromised then their account has been compromised.  This is not the case.  Card breaches are typically the result of a merchant or card vendor that has been breached.  If you use your card at a store or restaurant that has been compromised, it is possible your card information may be stolen.

Once they have your information, they may use this to make a duplicate card giving them access to spend your money.  Metro, along with our 3rd party processor, uses analytics to identify probable fraudulent activity.  You may be contacted by email or text (in some situations by phone) to verify transactions.  We also use various card limits and blocks; therefore, we highly recommend you notify us of your travel plans in advance.  You should also monitor your account on a routine basis and promptly notify us if you identify an unusual transaction.  For convenience, online and mobile banking along with e-statements makes checking your account relatively easy.  For extra caution, you can setup eAlerts.

Filing a Dispute

Filing a dispute is relatively easy.  One of our staff can guide you through the process and you can find the form here or go to the forms page.  Providing prompt notification to Metro is highly important to make sure we are able to process your dispute.  Some disputes are quicker than others, but we typically try to assist as soon as possible as we understand the impact this may have to your financial situation.

Travel Notification

Many of us travel from time-to-time so it is important that we have access to our funds.  Please make sure to contact Metro prior to your travel date so we can notate your account.  This allows us to reduce the likelihood of your card being blocked.  You may also want to discuss your card limits and see about a temporary change while on vacation.  

You may call us during business hours at 417.869.9654 or if you get blocked you can get after-hours support at 888.526.0404 (international use 206.352.4954).





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