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Just in time for the holiday season, Metro Credit Union has made it easy to find a little extra cash with our Skip-a-Pay program by postponing your November or December 2018 payment.

Just think of all the things you could do with a little extra cash; give your loved ones something on their wish list – or give yourself a well-deserved gift. We can automatically deduct the processing fee (10% of your monthly payment, $25 minimum up to $50 maximum) from your Metro Credit Union account or mail a check with your Skip-A-Payment application.

To apply for our Skip-a-Pay program, fill out the form and return it to Metro Credit Union in person or by mail today! Form must be submitted and fees paid before the payment being postponed is due.

See complete details on the flyer, available below.

Click here to download the Skip-a-Pay Flyer!

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